Unlike conventional surveillance systems, which identify cases based on preset patterns, AI is able to learn on its own and determine the possibility of unfair trading.

Based on these preliminary investigations, surveillance personnel determine the possibility 不公正取引 of unfair trading before conducting detailed investigations.

1日数千万件の証券取引から怪しい取引を絞り込む 不公正取引監視に挑むAIの挑戦 東証市場での株式の注文件数は、1日あたり数千万件以上、多い日には1億件程度にも達する。その中から不公正取引の疑いがある取引を絞り込む。

The challenge of tackling illegal 不公正取引 transactions using AI: Narrowing down "suspicious transactions" from tens of millions of securities transactions per 不公正取引 day The challenge of tackling illegal transactions using 不公正取引 AI: Narrowing down "suspicious transactions" from tens of millions of securities transactions per day 不公正取引 The number of share orders in the Tokyo Stock Exchange market exceeds tens of millions per day, and could reach at most a 不公正取引 hundred million a day.

日本取引所自主規制法人 売買審査部 総務・企画・取引相談グループ 課長 渡辺 隆氏 これまでの売買審査業務は、まず既存の審査システムを利用し、膨大な取引データから一定の基準により不公正取引に該当する可能性のある取引を幅広く抽出する。

(Mr. Watanabe) Takashi Watanabe, Senior Manager Planning and Coordination Group Department 不公正取引 of Market Surveillance and Compliance Japan Exchange Regulation Thus far, market surveillance operations have been performed by first extracting a wide range of "potentially illegal transactions" based on certain criteria from the massive amount of trading data using existing screening systems.

I will not engage in unjust joint acts or unfair trade 不公正取引 acts that violate the principles of a free market.

In 1677 he was fired as an extraordinary council in Batavia, being accused of corruption or unfair trade.

In conventional market surveillance operations, a broad range of orders that are likely to involve unfair trading 不公正取引 are first identified by surveillance systems based on certain criteria.

Tests to verify the effectiveness 不公正取引 of applying AI technologies developed respectively by NEC and Hitachi to preliminary investigations revealed that AI was highly accurate in determining the possibility of unfair trading.

He has resolved complex claims for breach of contract/warranty, intellectual property infringement, antitrust and unfair trade.

両社の持つ人工知能技術(NEC:RAPID機械学習、日立:Hitachi AI 不公正取引 Technology/H)をこの初期段階の調査に適用した際の有効性を検証した結果、人工知能が高い精度で不公正取引の可能性を判断できることが実証されました。

To verify the effectiveness of applying AI technology, NEC's RAPID machine learning and Hitachi's Hitachi AI Technology/H were applied to preliminary tests revealed that AI was highly accurate in determining the possibility of unfair trading.

In surveillance operations of the TSE market for monitoring and preventing unfair trading, a broad range of orders that are likely to involve 不公正取引 unfair trading are first identified by surveillance systems based on certain criteria.Surveillance personnel then conduct preliminary investigations to analyze the trading situation surrounding such orders.

The major premise behind such regulation easing is to ensure that prevention rules of unfair transactions such as 不公正取引 prohibition of insider trading and rules to protect retail investors be firmly put in place.

The Japan Exchange Regulation, which performs market surveillance operations for the Tokyo Stock Exchange market, has been actively incorporating IT in its operations by using a screening system to identify suspicious transactions based on certain criteria.

3The report also discusses the application of insider trading regulations to a corporation that sells or purchases securities for itself using algorithms/AI.

Due to the limited amount of learning data available for determining the illegality of transactions at the full-scale investigation level, it was not realistic to use AI for learning the decisions made by inspectors during full-scale investigations.

As 不公正取引 these guidelines do not constitute part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange rules, execution of trading in a manner specified in these guidelines does not necessarily result in a violation of laws and regulations or exchange rules.

情報受付窓口 不公正取引 | 日本取引所グループ 一般の皆様より、証券市場の不公正取引、証券会社(取引参加者)の法令遵守、上場会社の不適正なディスクロージャー、新規上場申請者の上場 適格性に関し、私共の活動の参考となるような情報提供をお受けしています。

Disciplinary Actions | Japan Exchange Group TSE requires trading participants to comply with laws and regulations, and imposes penalties such as fines on trading participants that violate the laws and regulations.

売買審査業務への人工知能の導入について | 日本取引所グループ 不公正取引 日本取引所自主規制法人と株式会社東京証券取引所は、相場操縦行為等の不公正取引の調査を行う売買審査業務に人工知能を導入することとし、本日から審査実務において利用を開始しました。

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence to Market Surveillance Operations 不公正取引 | Japan Exchange Group Japan Exchange Regulation ("JPX-R") and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.("TSE") decided to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to market surveillance operations to detect such misconduct as market manipulation.

Deficiency in trading management framework Despite the fact that the Company was aware that a number of alerts for suspicious market fraud were concentrated on a single trader, the Company failed to take any thorough actions, 不公正取引 such as close investigation into the intention of such transactions and scrutinizing the transaction data.

This is where the use of AI in preliminary investigations was conceived, in particular, 不公正取引 to assign scores for the level of doubtfulness 不公正取引 of transactions, in order to achieve efficiency in operations. Ideally, it would be best 不公正取引 if the coverage of AI operations would also include making the report to the Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission.














自由競争基盤侵害は、優越的地位の濫用を念頭において議論される概念ですが、優越的地位の濫用の公正競争阻害性については諸説あり、公正取引委員会は、(i)取引の相手方に対し、優越的な地位を利用して不当に不利益を与えることは、自由かつ自主的な判断による取引を阻害することと、(ii)不利益を押し付けられた相手方は、その競争者との関係において競争条件が不利になる一方、行為者は競争者との関係において、有利になるおそれがあることの2つの点から公正競争阻害性を説明しています(優越的地位の濫用に関する独占禁止法上の考え方 第1-1)。




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